Wednesday, 29 November 2017

For Roz....

Darling Roz,

A lovely friend to everyone in Blogland,  the nicest kindest lady, I want to express my sympathy on the loss of your Mother, and tell you how much we are thinking of you at this sad time

You are in our thoughts and prayers

with much love

Jan and John,

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Hello everyone,

 Our wishes are that  you all have a great  stress free happy day. No matter how you celebrate, with family or friends, with spanking or without,  we hope  you have a perfect day.


Oops again!

That's more like it!

Have a lovely time everyone.
much love

Jan and John.

Monday, 20 November 2017

Thank You!

Hello everyone,

Just want to say

To all my visitors, old and new, thank you very much for visiting my little corner of the land. I hope you all had a fun couple of days and made lots of new friends.

A special thank you to Hermione for bringing us altogether  yet again. 

Cheers to you all!
love Jan, xx

Friday, 17 November 2017

Hello to my Friends and Friends to be!

Hello everyone,

Today is   Love our Lurkers Day!

A big thanks to Hermione for organising this special event once again.

  I am very pleased to say I have made lots of friends over the years out here once I was brave enough to come out and play myself .

These two days are very special to all of us, as we would all like to  welcome all of you to our little corners of the land and hope you come out to play , even just for a little teeny  minute.

Is this you by any chance?

Oh I remember it well, that feeling of dare I press that button and say hello? Will anyone want me to? 

Well I am here to tell you that yes we  do want you to and yes you are brave enough. Come on , come on.

Need some more encouragement? Let me tell you about me and my little Blog. I have been a very happily married lady for thirty five years ( I imagine you can take a guess at my age without me spelling it out!)
Married life is super duper and has been enhanced greatly over the last five years since I plucked up courage and had the conversation with my beloved. Yes , you know the one. The, I really like spanking and would dearly like you to spank me, talk.

Once he had stopped looking like this

he gradually came on board with the idea. I mean he knew what sort of books I read so he can't have been that surprised can he, lol?

Gradually over the last few years we have found our own version of this thing we do. He is not into the more domestic discipline rules and regulations. For us it is a fun thing, a way to spice up our lives. We have without a doubt become so much closer, our lives are totally intertwined. Since starting our ttwd journey we have both retired and survived serious illness, bereavement,  and very importantly the arrival of grandchildren into our lives. 

I am not saying it is perfect. Is anything?  Sometimes I wish he was more ..., well dominant. Still I suppose I could actually be a great submissive ( yes I could be, all my mates, will you  please stop falling about with laughter. I am trying to tempt the newbies out).

If you read someone's blog and they say ttwd is easy,  that they have the hang of it, make  no mistakes.....

Don't believe a word of it! lol. It's jolly hard work. And that is the beauty of Blogland, everybody is willing to help, advice, support, ideas, listening. It is all out here once you just speak out. You know you want to.

Now seeing as you have stayed to join in our party today please feel free to ask me anything you want to.

I am going to kick off with a glass of bubbly so any minute now I will answer anything.

Let me ask my lurkers a question or two.

Are you in a spanking relationship? How's it going? 

Or are you wanting to be and are trying to pluck up the courage for that important chat ?

Sorry it is the fizz that's got me so nosy, lol.

Now let's get to the spanky bit. I figure these pics will let you know how I feel  about this lifestyle.

I guess you agree with that otherwise you wouldn't be here!

Hubby likes me in this position, I imagine he would like it even more if my posterior looked that that, sadly only in both our imaginations

Generally speaking this is how it is for us, he likes an excuse to spank, I like to give him an excuse.

Win Win!!

there are times when he, oh how can I put it, ummm.....

He reins me in a bit, not often mind as really I have a cute little halo but now and again it slips a wee bit, I can be a teensy bit snippy , even snarly, and a tad lot bossy and  :(


That picture about  sums it up. Makes my belly flip, the picture and the belt in his hands.

Oh and did I mention I am not a fan of wood, funny I know but for some reason wood doesn't appeal to me, especially a couple of my hubby's favourite possessions

Dreadful  thingys, I am sure you agree. Do you  have a favourite or  dreaded implement?

Of course generally I am a good girl and that is my absolute favourite thing for him to call me and I do try .......

Well maybe this sort of good girl

Are you still here? I am so hoping you are and ready to say hello and tell me a little bit about yourself.  Come and have a cup of tea or a glass of bubbly, you are always welcome here, anytime, any day.

Oh and don't forget to visit all my lovely friends, there is a list on my blogroll, just click on the name and hey presto there are more chums than you can shake a cane at. And some of them are really great authors too.  In my experience I can say that advice flows freely out here, just ask.....

Have a lovely day out here in the land 

love Jan, xxx

Saturday, 11 November 2017

The Party's coming! (And there's a great freebie out and about)

Hello everyone,

Hope you are all well and happy and enjoying life.

I am very pleased to see that it is that time again, yep, Party time!!! It is love our lurkers day

Friday 17th and Saturday 18th November.

These are a great couple of days out here in Blogland. Friends are made here, everyone is welcome to poke their heads out of their little burrows and join in the fun. Hope to see all my friends coming out to play and a few newbies brave enough to say hello. :)

In other news.....


One of my favourite authors has very kindly given us a freebie this week
Jane Henry's adult Fairy Tale is going begging this week.

Beauty's Daddy


A really cute, sexy read, not as dark as you think, it turned out to be full of hotness, lots of spanking, lots of daddying and scrumptious sex thrown in .  Wonderful writing. And then at the very end we got a free chapter of her new book out November the 14th
Mafia Daddy
This one is a Cinderella adult Fairy Tale and I will be buying this one straight away!

On the subject of books, another great author and chum PK Corey has her latest book of Cassie's adventures out later this week. This one is book 10 and called Cassie's Life. Oh to have a life as exciting as Cassie's I am happy that it is my Birthday this month as an Amazon voucher is on my list, lol

Happy Reading everyone

See you all on Friday!

love Jan, xx