Sunday, 31 December 2017

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all my friends in Blogland. Thank you all for coming here to visit, I am so lucky to have made so many friends, real and cyber! I hope you all have a great night tonight and 2018 will be happy and healthy for all of you.

May all your spankings be good ones and your punishments be few ;)

Good thing to remember, or even a new years resolution....

lots of love 
Jan and John,

Saturday, 23 December 2017

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

Hello all,

Just wanted to pop out and say
Merry Christmas to all my friends in Blogland.

 I would like to wish you all a Happy Christmas and a super new Year. However you spend it may you have a lovely time. 

My Christmas has already started, I had a lovely surprise the other day, planned by a couple of my blogland chums. I had arranged to meet Rosie ( who was her usual glamorous self while I was a slung together Grandma!) as she lives near Grand girl, and we were on babysitting duty ( seriously who drives for three hours to babysit!!). While we were sitting chatting over a coffee and Hubby was in the play area ( hee hee), Rosie's phone rang. She turned the screen to me and there was.....


Real life and chatting away. I was so shocked I didn't know what to say! Suddenly Australia wasn't so far away after all. A big thank you to you both for such a lovely moment. 

We have had some nice times already this Christmas as over the last year we have magically acquired two more Grands, one of each, who belong to my youngest son's other half and now seem to belong to us too.  They have willingly been toted around the oldies, donned christmas jumpers , who knew that three year old boy could be such a cute elf, and joined in with whatever they have been asked to do. They are such sweet children and we are very lucky to have them and their Mum in our lives.

Now this is the son who shall we say, takes after us......

So obviously there is a tale to tell. Just  last month they went away for a few days ( without the kids for the first time) and traveled round the country, starting with hill walking  in Scotland, staying in random hotels they stumbled across and ending up at the Crazy Bear hotel in Oxford ( insanely expensive decadent place that they managed to get a deal for, for a one night special). 

Actual room, I kid you not!

But I digress. Along the way they had stayed in their first four poster bed and on messaging  me with a picture and then calling me, ( it was pretty awful in my opinion, like someting out of the 80s, but they were excited!). I said, without thinking :(   

"Oh you can have fun in that, lots of places for bondage!" With husband spluttering in the background, son laughed and said 

"I don't think we have any handcuffs!"

"Christmas soon" I chirped...

Back to the Crazy Bear and the pics came, the room  key was attached to a teeny flogger..... Funny but soon after all communication stopped, lol .

So in their Christmas sack ( with a parental warning label firmly attached) is a package containing leather handcuffs, a flogger and a cute crop with a red heart at the end of it....... I am thinking I am the  bravest  daftest mother around.

New grand daughter is seven and all about. We are going to have to watch her ;) .The sweetest girl, she cares for  her three year old brother fiercely and loves our son  to bits. We have noticed she calls him Daddy half and half with his name.  She desperately wants to call him it all the time but does have a sorry excuse for a father who rarely sees her, through his choice not hers :(.

While we were looking after them the other day she heard my hubby call me "my sweet" and started giggling...

"Oh" I said, " Grandpa always calls me that." I asked her if my son had  a special name for her mum.

"Oh yes" she said rolling her eyes. "He calls her Puffin !

"I expect she likes it "

"She didn't like him this morning, she was cross with him! Oh dear I thought , what do I say to that ?
Unfortunately it was obvious she was waiting for me to ask.

"Why, what did he do?"

"Well, Mummy was near him and she reached to get something and he smacked her bottom!"

At that point we both got the giggles..... and it was husband's turn to roll his eyes.

What is that saying , "The apple doesn't fall far from the tree". And I would bet my bottom dollar that she is a submissive too, it is in everything she does, a happy girl who loves being taken care of by my son, a super daughter in law she will be.

So my friends the big decision.......

I wonder....

Decision made then.....

Happy Christmas to you all!

lots of love 


Thursday, 14 December 2017

Merry Meming!

Hello everyone,

So as not to let Lindy down here I go with this cute meme..

1. What was the last thing you put in your mouth?

Chicken and mushroom risotto

2.Where was your profile picture taken?

Not on fb so there isn't one

3. Worst pain?

Kidney cancer (actually after  the surgery was the worst pain as the painkillers went wrong)

4. Favourite place you have travelled.

Italy abroad, Yorkshire in this country.

5. How late did you stay up last night?

I went to bed around ten and then read my kindle till past midnight.....

6. If you could, would you move?

No I love it here

7. Favourite toy as a child

My tiny tears dolly
She is still in the loft!

8. Favourite TV show as a child

Top Cat!

9. How do you feel right now?

Happiest I have ever been in my life, but anxious for Lindy.

10. When was the last time you cried?

A few days ago

11. Who took your profile picture?

There isn't one

12. Who is the last picture you took a picture with?


13.What is your favourite season?

I love the start of every season. I always seem ready for that newness!

14. If you could have any career what would it be?

I have had the career I wanted ( lucky me), now I love love love being retired.

15. Do you think relationships are worth it?

Yes definitely.

16. If you could talk to anyone right now , who would it be?

My beloved Nanny.

17. Are you a good influence?

I think so, yes. At least I hope so.

18. Does pineapple belong on a pizza?

Don't see why not.

19. You have the remote, what are you watching right now?

Is my beloved  out then? How did I get the remote? If I had the remote the TV would be off.

20. Who do you think will play along?

I would love Dev and Maren  to play along, but it is unlikely. I think Hermione will .

21.  Do you open presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning?

Christmas morning.

Hope all of you are having a good week, remember to have fun in the madness that is December.

lots of love

Jan, xx

Sunday, 10 December 2017

Don't say that!

Hello dear readers,

Let me set the scene for you.

A very rainy day in England (actually pouring is more accurate, raining cats and dogs if you will).

 A cosy breakfast out with close cousins, nice warm  restaurant, good food. All is going great so far.

Halfway through the meal a text arrives..

"I am now going in"

Great excitement ensued from one member of the group (Me).  I was finally going to see my brother surfing. He has surfed for about forty years to be honest, about as long as I have danced and yet neither of us has ever seen the other in action so to speak. I think when we were younger we were both always escaping our home situation with our hobbies lives that it just never happened. I always knew about it, we knew about each other's successes, but oddly never watched each other. Don't get me wrong we were as close as two peas in a pod and still are really so....

Anyway I digress.  Now I wanted to shovel in the food as fast as possible and head to the beach, ( less than ten minutes away). I have been trying to get to see him since he has taken a break from his job a few months ago and has surfed every minute there was surf. Bear in mind we live in England here, and on the East Coast  as well.  Surf is not always up near us and he travels all over the place. We have tried a few times lately but the surf has not cooperated in the slightest. 

Well this not so fine morning I was determined. Having persuaded the cousins to join us off we sped to the beach.
At this point you need to know we were not really dressed for the beach in  England in December. yes we had coats on and gloves but I was in a skirt and jumper and pearls for goodness sake. Parking near my brother's camper van ( yes he is an actual surfer dude). I leapt out of the car and putting my hood up rushed to the cliff edge and looked over.

This is the actual beach but imagine if you will buckets and buckets of icy cold rain pouring down, great big waves crashing against the shore and half a dozen surfers way along the coast.

I was so excited to see him. In my defence here I did tell the others including hubby ( who had no hat or gloves and only a thinnish coat ) that they didn't have to come, but good sports that they are they gamely plodded in my wake along the beach to see if I could spot which one of the little  black dots was my brother. In an English sea in Winter all the surfers wear boots, gloves and hats to go with their wetsuits like little black snowmen....

Not him but ......

We were all like drowned rats almost instantly, but after trudging along I knew which one he was  and to confirm it he waved to me. He came out to say hello and off he went to give us a display of his prowess.

I felt guilty about everyone getting so wet but I loved watching him. He couldn't believe I had dragged everybody there ( neither could I really but it was my big chance) and  he was secretly so pleased I think.

Of course eventually he got out and we all returned  to our respective homes. our cousins couldn't even come back to our house to warm up, we were all simply too wet. I think my bro was actually the warmest, we were definitely just as wet as him, lol.

On returning home hubby and I had to strip off as we entered the house, everything had to go in the washing machine. I was wet throught to my knickers!

So there I was running up the stairs in just a string of pearls ( the only dry thing  left) when I made my verbal faux pas

"Gosh my behind is cold!"

Quick as a flash hubby chased after me.

"Easily solved, I am going to warm it up for you. You have earned a spanking getting us all half drowned on the beach this morning while we  follow one of your escapades! "

So there I was draped over the pillows, glamorously dressed in  just  my pearls while my beloved  walloped my posterior until it was nice and toasty  roasted :(.  He definitely enjoyed that part of the day. He always enjoys a spanking when he has a reason to lecture and I will admit I had given him a jolly good one. I think he would probably liked to have told our cousins I paid for it but that will have to remain our little secret! They are such good sports.

Me , I loved it all ;) It was worth every spank. I can't wait to watch him again......

So dear readers, What have you let slip that as soon as you have said it you know for certain that you should have kept your mouth shut?

Hope you are all having fun in the lead up to Christmas. Looks like Grandgirl has a hefty dollop of snow to play in this morning ( and Rosie too I imagine!). We on the other hand have buckets more rain. I wonder if the surf is up.......

love Jan, xx

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Just wondering if......

Hello everyone,

It is that time of year again and I was just wondering if you decorate your tree just like this

Wouldn't that spice things up a bit!

Ooh, the possibilities!  

It is  one day of the year I fantasise about (come on I am a spanko it is one thing I am brilliant at!). I always want it to be so perfect. Christmas tunes playing gently in the background, a teeny bit of alcohol flowing, everybody jolly. 

In actuality I turn into a Harridan, huffing and puffing at his Lordship. How long does it take to put those lights on that tree, the music ends up driving me bonkers, I drive him bonkers, the place is  a mess. Halfway through the day I could drink a bucketful of Prosecco! He is not so saintly either but I am not telling him, we all know where that would lead me to ....


Is it worth it?
Yes it is, I love love love my little house when it is all cosy and sparkly. My tree is beautiful, I treasure all my Christmas ornaments that hold so many memories and news ones to make more.

I am thinking next year I may try and distract him from my whining like this, lol.

While I was browsing I came across this picture, guess who it reminded me of

Yes, Grandgirl is exactly like this, she loves the Christmas decorations as much as me, the Christmas palava is just her cup of tea, my little sparkly girl.

So my friends, how is the wonderful month of December going for you? Are you all sailing through the preparations, relaxed and happy? Is it all jolly and fun I wonder. Oh wait, was that a flying pig  who just popped into the blog?

Oh dear! Well then make the most of those spankings you  we are all racking up. They are stress relief if nothing else and take the mind of all the other hundred and one things that still need to be done before that ONE day arrives, lol.

yes it is!


A girl has needs.....

Now  what was my spending limit again? I feel a Christmas shopping trip coming on ;)

 Happy December my friends!

Jan, xx

Friday, 1 December 2017

Christmas Reading!

Hello everyone,

I don't know about you but I love a  Christmas story, the more romantic and snowy the better. Well there are a few new ones out not to be missed, lots of cute, sexy spanking stories all wrapped up for us to enjoy.

I know everyone is busy at this time of year but before you all work your selves up into a temperamental snit and earn your self a dose of trouble just  take a few minutes to relax and enjoy  a bit of peace and quiet and a cute story to go with it.

Already out and great!

Ooh, I loved this one and  there is a super story from Maren Smith in here too :)

Out in a few days, preorder now at  a bargain price, I can't wait.

Of course some of you may not have read a couple of Sunny's Christmas books from last year, so don't miss those either!

 I have read them both, and they are definitely a Christmas must-read.

Hope you are all okay, not a lot of bad girl stuff happening over here as I am on a good girl roll. (ish).
I am on week eight of cutting out sugar from my diet, it has helped my fibro so much  (hurray) I now daren't eat any !! I have no idea how I am going to manage the Christmas festivities :(.
 On the  plus side hubby is so pleased with me I have had lots of good girl spankings and lost 9 pounds!

Just a quick question?

Why does the pain from a spanking always feel so delicious, yet the pain from a day of helping friends in their garden feel so sore? I can hardly sit down today , and not for the right reasons, lol.

I hope you are all doing well,  please join me in wishing Lindy well on Monday as she has an important Doctor's visit coming up. I will be thinking of you Lindy, fingers crossed.

Happy December to you all

much love Jan, xx