Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Packing and Pinkifying!

Hello everyone,

Hope everyone is well and happy. Tomorrow we are off on our little adventure to Scotland. This is the Birthday trip I treated my beloved to for his special Birthday. A few days travelling round the Scottish highlands by rail . I am sure hubby will be tasting a few  Highland whiskies, just as I am sure I will be testing a few Shortbread biscuits, gotta try the area specialities after all.

We are definitely booked on this one

and this one! I think the snow will be there too :(

Typical really, Spring has just arrived in our neck of the woods and we are going North back to the winter. I really should have booked Spain!

We are travelling with another couple,  remember the poor cousin and his wife I dragged to the beach in the pouring rain to watch my brother surfing. Goodness knows why they agreed to come on this jaunt, they must be wondering what I have in store for them this time.  We are all  very much looking forward to it. Of course as we are all travelling to the airport in one car it means we can only take a little suitcase each. Oh dear I am not a great packer, I always think I will need more than I actually will and so I have been well and truly warned......

I have a new suitcase too, one of these lightweight four wheeled jobs


 At this point you may notice a theme to this post :(

Today I was due to  cram it to bursting pack a few necessary bits and pieces, as we leave at four in the morning!

 "All fine and dandy" I hear you cry, 

"Have fun" you say.

My beloved and I were just getting ready to start the day ( i.e. stop reading blogs, kindles, and drinking coffee and finally get out of bed! )

Before  this activity though he decided to implement a few of his wishes. You simply won't believe his plan of action.

It appeared I had to lay over the pillows in order for his wishes to be met.

 "How odd "you must be thinking

"What ever is wrong with the chap? .

Having reluctantly got into the position deemed necessary I was then required to listen to a totally pointless riveting lecture on how I was not to pack everything but the kitchen sink and our entire wardrobe full of clothes (does he not know how cold it is in Scotland? and what if it is hot?)
More importantly I am apparently not allowed to even mention how uncomfortable the bed is, and how I don't like heights when I am on a train going up a mountain or across a bridge..... In short I am to behave like the Angel you all know I am  ;)

And then the cheek of it he proceeded to spank me, as if to imprint his desires on my posterior and had totally absorbed his feelings on the subject. 

"I am going to do a spot of "pinkifying", he stated. 
"Just to make sure you remember I am going to make these cheeks the same colour as your suitcase!"

not mine, add quite a few pounds, lol.

I ended up with rosy cheeks

 and my suitcase (and his I might add) is packed perfectly ;)
It is implement free too, although he did say he could get creative if necessary. Yay.......

Scotland here we come!!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend,

back soon



  1. Jan,
    Have a wonderful time and enjoy the squirm of a "pinkifyied" bottom as you make your way. You will have a wonderful time. When we traveled in Scotland, I loved every minute.

  2. Love the pink suitcase, Jan! I’m sure you’ll all have a great time - you’ve already got off to a good start with all the pinkifying.
    Rosie xx

  3. Love the pink theme, Jan! ... you will never miss finding your suitcase on an airplane carousel! Nice that you got a 'rose coloured' posterior to match :>)
    ... Enjoy your trip - make some memories! ... nj ... xx

  4. Hope you have a wonderful vacation, with good weather. Glad to hear you have a rosy bottom to sit on while traveling. Really, one of Ronnie's small OTK cane would fit neatly in the suitcase, and be very handy to have in the privacy of your room. The only thing noisy about a cane is the noise the spankee makes.
    We once had Chinese food in Inverness, and it came with chips (French fries). Yikes
    bottoms up

    1. Hi Red, our cousins are in the room next door! Aren't risk it,lol
      Love Jan, xx

  5. Enjoy..I am sure you will, I had the pleasure of touring Scotland years ago with some college friends..loved it! Pinkified...I love that. I have suitcase similar to yours, only mine is orange...
    hugs abby

  6. I hope the trip is as much fun as getting ready for it sounds like. Now if you don't have everything you need you'll just need to shop on your trip!

    1. Hi Pk I seem to have got everything!
      Love Jan,xx

  7. Hi Jan, :) LOVE your pink suitcase! Definitely goes well with John's send off spanky attention! Have a wonderful, wonderful time with your fella and your cousins!!! Many hugs and love,

    đź’–Katie xoxo

  8. (I left a comment but something went wrong loading so im sorry if you get a duplicate!)

    Have a shortbread for me - i love that stuff! And enjoy Scotland!!

  9. Hi Jan, Funny John did his Pinkifying to match your suitcase. Nice start to your adventure. Have heaps of fun, can't wait to hear all about it.
    Hugs Lindy xx

    1. Hi Lindy, it is great so far, will tell you all about it soon
      Love Jan,xx

  10. Hope you have an absolutely wonderful time.

  11. LoL Jan, I always enjoy visiting here :)

    "pinkifying" I love it! Love the pink suitcase, and that John gave you cheeks to match :)

    This looks like a fabulous trip, how awesome! Hope you have a wonderful time (I'm sure you will :)


    1. Hi Roz, it is so nice here, great everything
      Love Jan,xx

  12. Your post had me smiling. 'pinkifying' love it. You could have packed the cane, a nice small and quiet implement. Have a wonderful time.


    1. Hi Ronnie, cousins are next door! So happy to hear your news.....
      Love Jan,xx

  13. Have been without internet for a week !!! But I loved your pinkifying tale. It seems our men think they are quite clever with their spanking nuances.

    Have fun, Jan. Hope the weather is wonderful.

    Hugs Across the Pond,

    1. Hi Ella, there is snow on the hilltop and it is chilly,loving it
      Love Jan,xx

  14. Hi Jan, I hope you have a wonderful time! There is a family that I am like family too, and one of the girls now live in Scotland with her husband, she loves it there, and I hope you do too. :) Love how your hubby started your day, even though you are a complete angel and never need any reminding to stay so. ;)
    Hugs, EsMay

  15. Hi Esmay, it is a beautiful country,we are off on a long rail trip this morning.
    Love Jan,xx

  16. Have a wonderful trip! So excited for you. Stay pink. :)